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Le théâtre Monfort

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Le théâtre Monfort
106 rue Brançion
75015 Paris
  • Category
    • Theater
  • Accepted Cards
    • Offer visa
    • Offer Master Card
  • With
    • After
    • For Group
    • Dress Code: All
    • Crowd: All Public
    • Best Night:All
    • Door Policy:All Public
    • Music: All
    • Venue Type:
  • Language Spoken
    • French

Le Monfort Théâtre is actually dedicated to the modern creation and the discovery of the new companies. Le Monfort offers a multidisciplinary program, visual and international, at the same time demanding and accessible. In addition, it is a cultural establishment of the city of Paris managed by Laurence De Magalhaes and Stéphane Ricordel. Besides, it is an exchange place and reception for the public and artists where the kinds and cultures are combined with warm bar, green terrace and colored accommodations.

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